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the party dont start till I walk innn ;p

Months agooo, like way way ago lol. me and the friends decided to head out clubbing since it was a long time we hung out together. we were suppose to head to Loft but they had an event there so we chose SPACE and if I am not mistaken & it was my first time there. mhmm.

Lets start this post with ;

a very bad picture of afdzal hahaha. hey dont blame me, the dude took this shot on his own lol!

bestie and me  (:

& thats Faez, going solo on this.

bumped into SuMay who was working there that time  (:

Sid & Afd

the boyyyys!

Mr Ramli and yours truly.

a picture with the always-so-busy bestieee.

WanRue and her friend, sorry I forgot your name!  D:

Once the alcohol did its magic, all of us headed to the dance floor.

it was packed and sweaty, omg.

SuMay joined us after work ! & there were few dudes stalking her hahahaha.


with much consideration I finally decided to write how I feel at this current state ; I use to write a lot about how I feel and my deepest thoughts etc on this blog but due to the very judgemental world we live in right now, I try to refrain myself from doing so.
yeah I know I can always start an anonymous blog and blurt out my feelings and such but this is also my blog with my name and pictures and doings of my life ; some how the reasons of writing things like this is quite comforting cause I know someone out there feels the exact same way, and sharing what I go through might help.
theres never a written advice, or a rule book saying how one should live life. its all by ones decisions and choices ; and learning how to avoid mistakes repeatedly.
regrets, worries, pain, dilemma, misunderstandings ; happens always.


I think I feel this way when i'm facing my exams or smth ; kinda sucks tho cause it screws with all my other emotions as well and it just adds up to the amount of stress I ha…

Desa Parkcity with the besties ♥

Another trip to Desa Park City with the besties Wendy & See Wai!

Wendy droved to my place and then I drove down to DPC. this time blind folding wasnt involve, lol.

the four of us in one car. Me, Wendy, Erin & SeeWai and I only wear glasses at night when I drive cause I got that double vision thinggamajigg. mhmm
camwhoring timeeee! :D

when we got there all the memories came back. the first time all of us were there, when KahYern was back for her summer break. oh how I miss the other bestie who is in Russia now.
dined at the same restaurant , Pulau Ketam Steamboat. we looveeee steamboat has been during highschool days and will always be, lol.

after dinner, we had desserts at New Zealand Natural. mm yummms!

potrait of four of us having our yummeh icecreamm (:

cant wait for the next one!


Boon H's Farewell.

After the stay at Gardens Hotel with babylv ; we attended BoonH's farewell at OUG, she's leaving to Melbourne.

me and weilynn, my highschool partner in crime  (;

YoonKit, KinLim & Neil.

damn cmi shot, lol.
our usual group ; we used to hang out all the time during highschool, either skipping class or sneaking into the canteen to purchase food eventhough it wasnt even recess ! lol.
& thats BoonH in red!

proper shott.

group photo! spot the boyf , lol.
this gathering brought back some highschool memories I had with the fellow classmates of mine. How I missed high school , hmmm. I miss the company mostly, not the school lolol.


and that sums of my fantastic weekend :D now snapping back to reality, doh.

Vacation with babylv at Gardens Hotel @ Midvalley.

me and the Boyf checked into Gardens Hotel one fine afternoon, I remembered we were actually kinda late hahaha. Not use to getting up early , mind you. & the funniest part was that both of us *well mostly me* brought tons of luggage as if we were staying for a week! lol.
The room was about average size, normal deluxe room with two queen sized beds ; but the furnishing was really to my liking  :D mhmm and I loved the bathroom hahaha. It was a non-smoking hotel by the way.

thats my boo on the super comfy bed !
As he was busy watching tv , I sat by the lazy chair and read my book.

& thats me without my make up. my eyes are supahsmallballs  ):

The view ;

facing Kuchai Lama/Old Klang Road/OUG ; my old spot hey!

& the pool (: see the two weird domes? one is still empty and the other is a restaurant if im not mistaken.
looks so eco friendly , like some enviromentalist place/nursery lol.
Then we went over to Mid Valley for some shopping  & ended up having lunch at Zouk Cafe ; which was more…

who wants to be alone when the sun comes up ?

After karaoke session at Neway, me and baby headed all the way back to the hotel and changed ; yes we're both vain , harhar. 
then off to Zouk!
I was rather happy cause not only the usual group of people will be there, but Daryl and the rest are joining as well :DD
Its been sucha long time since I partied with the brother of mine!

Daryl !


my two favouriteeees ! leyvin & daryl  ♥

minhui & I

Ilussion shotttts. I dont think theres ever I time we went and did not order shots D: lol.

Daryl, Ki Wei & baby. I think the boys had so much fun that night , hehe.


see what I mean? & thats baby and Edwin.

sam and kiwei, lolol.
I think my baby's dance sexierrrr ;p

the brother ko'ed already, lol. GETTING OLD JOR!

and thats a very random shot.