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baby ohh ♥

I know I havent been blogging much. I lost that blogging mojo longgg time ago, I dont even bother taking pictures unless I really wanted to for my own personal need; besides everyone has a camera nowadays haha.
thoughts of closing the blog has come up quite a number of times *as I always feel the pressure of updating and trying to keep the blog alive* but at the end of the day I never had the heart to do so, because this is the one place I can share things or sometimes spit and spatter bout my thoughts and also its been my baby for years now hahaa. I have other reasons to, but I guess you get the idea hrmms.

Anyways it has been a greatt week for me, had an afternoon movie with the bunch ; it has been a long time since I watched movies at a theater at noon lol. & some very fun/scary/unusual/havoc night too which involves running in heels and feeling very tipsy hah!
I feel very pleased with my life now, and I can see myself feeling very contented and happy and also thankful for wh…

bloggers request

If any of you spotted this please lemme know! I need it before this coming wednesday (:

Black and white leotards.

& on another note, anybody know where I can get swimsuits like theseeee?

okay loveeeees! mwa, x.

girlsdayout ♥

Efficient blogging since the darlings have already uploaded the pics on facebook  (: Had tea, some catching up and shooopping! :D

Delicious for tea &snacks.

yours truly ♥

honeylemon teaaa !

the loovelies x!

blondie, blackie, brownie. hahahah :DD

shopping in style, lol. we were practically acting like tourists!

everywhere ; snapsnapsnap all the way lols. & under the bright sun!

I just realized ever since I got my BBB, im never off it ; ohgosh!

babey Cath & I

okay this was damn random, hahahaa. Ignore the peace sign pls.

Then after all the walking we dropped by Starbucks for a starbucksie moment (;

buying me self a cold chamomile tea ; &babey Cath snapping away heeeeee :D

rainy days.

I need help, like seriously ; i'm a shopaholic /:  & i'm not kidding! i'm at the point where my credit card is ruining my life. HELP?!
Anyways me and the sister (: Got her specs today hahahaha, now we look more alike than ever lol.



Gosh another year passes by so quickly, and i'm turning twenty soon ;
all the thoughts of turning to an adult and so on. Heck, theres no more teen already.
damn kao stress weih ; all the responsibilities!

Two early presenttttts I've received..

Thank you mummy and daddy, lovess you!

Am suppose to do a blog post 'bout Free Mason and Lady Gaga but im too spooked out to write it at this hour, so ya'll have to waitt haha!
till then, x.

as smoooooth as velvet ♥

velvet ; weeks back.
lets start off with a picture of me laughing (: cause a smile can never go wrong hehehehee.

the boyfie  ♥

miss abigail thien &our heineken , I suck at beers  :pp

and the killa of the night *drumrolls*
LONG ISLAND TEAA!  D: zhengzhengzhengg.

all of us did our turns, muahahahahaaa.

shameen, babylv and yours truly!

and to end this post..



No more P !f

I lost all my brain juice, hence the very bland title lol.
Anyways on a other note, after 2 years and all friends not waiting for me to get our license together..

.. take this! nahhhhhhhhhhh.

shit, i'm super chubby! i'm so much rounder  :/  meowww.
thanks baby for accompanying me to JPJ, A&W treats and checking out vintage stuffs at Amcorp mall  (:

& few days ago I spotted this ;

omg shoooo cute! (:

ta, x!

goodies to share!

hello earthlingggs!

goodies that I gotta share with ya'll that I got from kayelleee.

1. Gadgets & Gizmo (Accessories, etc) - Plaza Low Yat.

Technerds and gadgetsavy people like me *im the nerd* gather at Low Yat for awesome finds and great bargains!
From left to right : 1. BB Covers for 9700 & 8900 - silicone casings in candyblue, frostywhite, purplemoster (RM15) and whitedevil (RM30) (pink one excluded cause its frm PopMyBerry hahahaa)  2. Scandisk 4GB - RM27 & Kingston Data Traveler Thumbdrive 4GB - RM30  3. Blackberry Pink Holsters, 8900 & 9700 - RM30 each , RM50 for two. 4. Glow in the dark devil iTouch Casing - RM25 5. Pouches - RM12.90

*Note : If youre wondering why the different pricing for the casing it is because, at first I didnt hunt deeper and I kept browsing shops outfront. Not to say it wasnt cheap but the average pricing was about RM25 which is Rm3 more pricier than PopMyBerry, but couldnt find Devil casings at PMB so I thought why not. Exception for the White…

Pictures of the day!

me and the sisterrrr!:)

neoprints is the looove, its been a while since I took one!


the besties!