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Jordan's Birthday @ Celsius | Farenheit.

Headed down to kayelle preeeeetty late but just in time for Jordan's Birthday. Held at Celsius, a new bar at the heart of the golden triangle right behind the new renovated mall called Fahrenheit (used to be named KL Plaza).

the interior was faboosh! With uber cool lights and comfy interiors.

the birthday boy all acting cuuuuuuuute. & he ordered us the special drink that Celsius is famous for.
The Seven Deadly Sins - luxuria (extravagance), gula (gluttony), avaritia (avarice/greed), acedia (acedia/discouragement), ira (wrath), invidia (envy) and superbia (pride).

the setup of the seven glasses all stacked and ready.

and the waiter/bartender got up on the second bar top and started pouring the drinks out one by one. It was such a sight! The whole crowd at the bar joined in and cheer to but me and Evon Woods were just freaking out that he might spill the drink on us heh!

it was quite hard to drink, it was whisky, rum, basically everything!

baby bought Jordan two birthday drinks ; TWO! Samb…

dinner with the in laws ♥

Got invited by babys dad to have dinner at a restaurant in Subang called Zinglicious. a very nice place that felt very homely and comfortable.

only by reservation, we had the chefs room. table is fully set with fancy cutlery and wine glasses.

my very annoying boyfriend.

& baby's very cool daddy! (:

the first thing I got to dip my tastebuds in was this special made drink; made from plums, roselle flowers and whipped cream. It was just simply delicious!

yours truly.

For appetizers we had US Scallops on a slice of oven toasted bread accompanied by a home made sauce on top; boy was it delicious! I am happy that my boyf doesnt know how to indulge in good food like this that I was given an extra piece! Hehe.

Then was the lobster bisque which was truly a delight with an extinguish taste that tickled my tastebuds! Look at the size of that lobster :)
we had more dishes but I was to indulged with all the good food and conversations we were having to be taking pictures, but trust me the food was very…

shortt updates for October!

Hello i'm going on a short hiatus ; been uploading pictures on facebook the whole day and college just started so yepps.
on another note, I think im getting conned b a blogshop bah! anyways 5 small updates of whats coming up.

a trip to somewhere near ; yeah random check in to a hotel, dont worry I didnt leave Selangor.

outings with my tumtum (: the usual movie and date nights.

paaaaaaaartying at Zouk! :D

catching up and farewells/house parties.

yepps thats for now!
will update soooooooon, loves. x


I know its not perfect but it does saves you a hell of alot of money if you plan to cream up more than one item.

First get some white/plain clay. Mine is from Daiso for RM5. Its the paper mache type.

some chalk pastels, from Daiso as well for RM5.

This is optional but you do need to shape the clay and stuff. Its called 'Clay Kits' from Daiso as well.

last but not least, inspirations for clay making! :) you can google up 'decoden designs' and head to decoden forums for ideas.

Now for the clay making process:

Pinch an amount of clay, about the size of a fishball out.

Scrap some coloured pastels (you want the powder from the pastel) out to the white/plain clay. then, mix it all around like making a dough. You can see the clay will start to change color. Add more pastel shavings for a deeper tone and such.
*for this tutorial, i'm making macaroons/baby burgers? *

Using a mold I managed to shape the three parts which are the top and bottom and the filling.

To smooth out the creases and t…

a day of laughters, shopping and a whole lot of jumping ♥

trip down to kayelle cause the boyfie wanted to do some shopping at Pavilion and we thought Uniqlo was already opened.
anyways we were all early so we had our brunch at Damansara Jaya's hugee dimsum restaurant.

Miss Teletubby so cute.

and the boyfie.
so anyways got there kinda late hahahah, brunch took some time lols. and omg, we were so jakun that we hogged JW Marriots restroom for a period of time hahaha.

vain pic shot ; since for the whole day the only restroom I used was there. would walk all the way back just for it. Ah, fear of public restrooms lol.

sunny shots outside pavilion.

the boys, poser sial.
and hence we started shopping! while me and evon got ourselves lost at Forever 21 the boys went exploring around Pavilion and coming back telling us who they bumped into etc hhahaha.
then it was my turn accompanying baby shop;

after all the walking and splurging ;  *more jackets from zara*
we had tea at Carlos. & I ordered wine to go with my oysters but sadly they ran out of house pouring w…