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Yeo Han's Wedding | Holiday Villa, Subang.

Cousins wedding held at Holiday Villa.

Isnt the surroundings so victorian like? Love it! So preeeeeeetty.

with the cousins, hehe. weird to see everyone growing up so fastt.

Inside the ballroom. the whole concept was very victorian like, I have pictures of the ceiling board and stuff with paintings which are very michealangelo-esque but its on my facebook heh.

the bride and groom, my cousin is the guy so yepp. his bride is sooooo pretty. Never seen her so dressed up or with make up before. I guess every girl looks her best on her wedding day :D

unique souvenirs for guest to take home.

Jason, baby and me.

the four cousins. how much we've grown :)
It was nice gathering with relatives and family members. all the catching up and photos we took two days in a row. what a pleasant time I had Y


sushi zanmai | One Utama.

had some good ol' catching up session with abbiekins at Sushi Zanmai.

Abbie darling with her sashimi.
and can you imagine two skinny girls chomping down on plates of raw fish and whatnots? heh.

we ate as if we were dining for four!

mini updates for november ♥


yes, thats me. somehow I look a bit Pocahontas-ey. Just love me new booties!
anyways will be on an exam hiatus, but for a short time only. Last paper on monday, actually thats my only paper so yepp heehee.
updates to come!

girls night out ♥

melaka day trip with the family.

Zouk for Aly and Fila.

BBQ's at Jordans place with the gang ♥
So till I get back from my exams, hopefully i'll do well as I feel like crap now. I swear this time, failing feels so close. I know nothing about Microeconomics and I hope crash studying for 5days*minus, eating sleeping &whatnot* 3-4days/4hours a day will help me.
Gah. Why la. Shouldve been more prepared from the start. doinkdoink.
till thennnnnn loves!

peacee outtt, meh :pp

black & white | Melaka '10

its nice to takee a break from all that has been going on. pictures of bulidings and whatnots from trip down to Melaka with the family.

till my next postt, hehee :)


Shakira's Birthday & Sadam's Farewell.

HOUSE PARTYYY! it was Shakiras Birthday and Saddams and her farewell. isnt it nice to have a neighbour that knows your friends too, hahaha. anyways kinda sad that the only cool neighbour in my neighbourhood will be leaving /:

Siddiq holding the birthday cakee.

& thatts saddam, Kira's boyf.


I was forced to drink shots of this, omg. 75% is no joke; could feel it in seconds!

hahahaha golden shot of Afdzal!

me & thehungryFaez and chicky wings lol.


Siddiq, couldnt believe that he really got a haircut after I mentioned that he should. Came back being a baldy DD:

never had this much laughterr for some time (:


Cant deny that Chris Brown is talented. To bad he got involved with that whole Rihanna shit.  Anyways loving this song by him, Deuces featuring Tyga.
I edited the lyrics tho, to suit girls har har. Cause i'm a feminist lolol. Anyways video/song after the lyrics, x.

All that bullshit's for the birds
You aint nothin but a vulture
Always hopin for the worst
Waiting for me to fuck up 
You’ll regret the day when I find another guy.

I tell him to keep it drama free. I told you that im leaving;
I know you mad but so what?
I wish you best of luck
And now im finna throw them deuces up

Im on some new shit

Im moving on to something better, better, better
No more tryin to make it work
You made me wanna say bye bye.
Use to be valentines;
Together all the time
Thought it was true love, but you know women lie
Its like I sent my love with a text two times
Call cause I care but I aint get no reply
Tryna see eye to eye but its like we both blind
I hate liars, fuck love Im tired of tryin
My heart big but it beat quiet

It was really LOUD pt.I | Mainroom, Zouk.

This will be part one, as pictures are all stolen from Cath's facebook, heehee ;p Part two will be up soooon, too many pics that night, loads of familiar faces and one hellanight!

the girls. catherineleow, yourstruly, jesynling, stephanielee, yvonne, ziningng.

the boyf.

the boyfs crazy friends. EggyTay, FanK, GohYuan.


over the shoulder kisses, xx.

me and my blackberry, forever on my blackberry ; until theboyf had to stare at me like that -___________-

& more familiar faces popped by our tableee.

leyvink, stephanielim, christianadecruz and shanghong.

Cath, Junie, me and Jeslyn