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Johnnie Walker : Black Circuit Lounge

Its back once again, the party that thou shall not miss, Johnnie Walker's Black Circuit Lounge is making its way down to Kuala Lumpur!

Yes, you've heard it right. It is gonna be held in Kuala Lumpur on the 9th of April this year in conjunction with the Formula One race held here.
Johnnie Walker has envision a cool and inspirational campaign along with the Black Circuit Lounge that allows you to experience the luxury lifestyle of Formula One. Not only do you get to party in luxury and exclusivity but also with beautiful people around and still be entertained by world-class DJs spinning at the Black Circuit Lounge.

The best part is, Johnnie Walker is giving out passes to lucky winners to attend Kuala Lumpur’s most exclusive event of the year! All you have to do is check out their facebook page on how to win yourself tickets for this grand event : Johnnie Walker FB Page
Johnnie Walker incorporates the Formula One due to the stylishness and sophistication the sports exudes. Everyone …

Valentines day '11.

For valentines day, we checked into our room at Gardens Hotel. second time there and we got the corner room, which was bigger in my opinion.

first thing we did was to jump on the comfy beds! & then checked out the view. There's actually no view at Gardens. I mean the two times I've stayed there they gave us a view of Old Klang Road and Federal Highway. The money shot would be the pool and G6 below? lol.
Anyhoo check out his squissy toosh.

couldnt help by joining the squishy-ness. and here's the view of almost the whole Mid Valley City. I can even see people suntanning at the Boulevard Hotel.

without wasting any further time, since it started to get cloudy; changed and headed down to the pool.

it was quite hazy and cloudy as you can see. but i'm gonna make my stay worth it!

me and my fanta! mad loves for fanta strawberry hehe.

fatso with my iPad. iPad thief!

while I suntanned or cloudtan if you could call it and relaxed for abit. then it was time to dip into the pool!

uhm, I was che…


random calling ; dropped by Mist for the night with the lovely Jeslynling.
Surprisingly it was super packed. Packed until cannot breathe/move around packed. Anyways pictures!

loveylovey and I.


catherineleow, jeslyn and me.


camwhore la since we cant even move, and small kids wanna push us off the podium all. omg. but some of them super entertaining lorrr. DANCE UNTIL UNDERWEAR ALL ON DISPLAY OHEMGEE! I think I was entertained by watching them strut everything on display.
last picture of the nightttt.

oh you nasty thang! :p

EVO F1 Screening Party

Hey there!
Are you a huge fan of Formula One? Read on to see how you could win awesome goodies! But first, do you wanna be the few to catch the 'hottest' race of the Malaysian leg for the Formula One at the coolest F1 party in town?

Join me at Ecoba @ PJ Trade Centre in Damansara Perdana at 2.00pm on Sunday 10 April 2011 and get to watch the race in total comfort at the Malaysian EVO 'Rev It Up!' Formula One 2011 Party brought to you by Malaysian EVO and Shell Helix.
Enjoy the free flow of delicious food, ice-cold beers and cool drinks or better yet, come early and show-off your skills on the F1 simulators and video game consoles! Also take part in exciting activities such as the 'Race Result Prediction' game, F1 'Treasure Hunt' and more, to win loads of prizes courtesy of Shell Helix and our partners!
And for those of you who come dressed in Shell Ferrari attire will also stand a chance to win even MORE prizes for the 'Best Dressed Fan' of the day!

Xiang Ding Wei with the girls!

Dinner with the girls at Xiang Ding Wei before Stephanie Leong and Gigi head back to Melbourne.
Pretty much a catching up session with the girls and I really love having dinner and lunches with them as I get to try different types of food! They love ordering dishes and trying something new.

Only half of what we ordered. Crispy squid and pork ribs. Then there was a chicken dish and steam cod fish.
we had some unique fruit tea and of course bubble milk tea! ooh and this :

It looked weird to me and its made of red bean so I didnt try it hehehehehe.
Anyways a group shot!

StephLeong, Gigi, yours truly, Debbie, Sherrie and Eevon.

girls noming on food and camwhoring lol.

they went to watch Burlesque but I headed home, watched it already boohoo. till the next update!

Teaser post : #stylekandi

Just yesterday me and the bunch of MHB's got invited to Stylekandi's official website launch. You must be thinking, what is Stylekandi?

" will pull together style related content from around the internet in one stylized platform. Whether an experienced blogger, designer or just keen on things that look good. You can contribute by uploading content from your blog/Facebook/Flickr and share your likes with the community."
we were given a brief introduction about the aims, goals and mission AND also the reason of launching the website.

then we were treated to some eye candy with models dressed in Roxy and Quicksilver clothings :D

and also, free flow of beer and other alcoholic beverages. Not forgetting some finger food and super tasty brownies! :D hehe.

girls & I.

Michiko and I. She was such a dearie who accompanied me there and got me home safely! I'm glad she had fun, she made new friends too. Shoutout to Johnny Mayo! Heh. Have fun on your Bali trip next mo…