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✈ Great Ocean Road 2011 ♡ ✈

a sneak peek at a lil' something I did during my second week in the land down under!
went for a short vacation, to the coast of melbourne. Taking a drive on the great ocean road ; spent three days and two nightts at Apollo Bay, watched the sunset on the twelve apostles and also had scones and tea by the lighthouse.


i'm sprunggg ;

hello world, its been a while ; and in that while, my blog has been filled with small updates.

it was my first time travelling alone, and abroad without my family. sooooooooooo, I didnt know what to expect ; but as the weeks pass, I havent been homesick and I've actually enjoyed my trip here down under (:
seen the twelve apostles, drove on the great ocean road, did a lot of sightseeing, shopping and of course, eating. My face has definitely gone rounder and so did my tummy.
with 5 more days left, I hope everything goes on smoothly heehee. then its back to kayelle and time to grow up as i'll be turning twentyone in a couple of days ;
till then! xo.

its so cold brrr!

okay quick updates since I am editing some posts ; Melbourne has been good, shopped a bit, got some good buys :D
been sightseeing but the weather is being a bitch, its either too cold or its rainingg.

leyvin and me , bubble tea in the cold weather omg. walked around Bourke Street and it was slightly drizzlingg.

did more shopping & eatingg, god I hope I dont put on weight!

Hello Melbourne!

Hello! Its my first day in Melbourne, got in last night ; had a pleasant flight with Emirates & settled in nicely with a wonderful view from the apartment.

woke up late today, but managed to had waffles & hot choco at Max Brenner, did some grocery shopping and heading out to dins in a bit!
till then, xo.

French Fashion Soiree | Pavilion, KL.

Was invited to the Kronenbourg 1664 French Fashion Soiree held at Pavilion on the 13th of last month ;
A little info about the main official sponsor for this event

'Kronenbourg 1664 is a super premium beer that was name after the year Jerome Hatt, the founder of Brasseries Kronenbourg, first started commercial brewing. Since the 50s, Brasseries Kronenbourg is France's leading beer company, with an unique 350 year know-how and famous portfolio of beer brands. In 2008, Brasseries Kronenbourg became 100% part of Carlsberg Group. Today, Kronenbourg 1664 is the best-selling super premium beer in France and is sold in more than 70 countries' -- Got from Nicole F's blog.

Erin and I.
we got there a tad bit late but thank god the fashion show havent started! The place was beautifully decorated resembling a little french garden, with the familiar street post alined on the runway and garden fences surrounding the area, and for the back drop of the runway was the Eiffel Tower. The best …

Mist Club 2nd Anniversary.

Last minute plans to head down to Mist for their second anniversary ; VIP free flow passes intact, lovey came along with me.
Got there around 9pm and the place was swarmed with guests of the event.

met up with sherriebunnie and gagaloo for some shotts by the barr.

had a few shots then mingled you around ;

Matt and I.
it got kinda hot and sweaty so we went inside.

met up with the other darlinggs & PARTIEDDDD!

Edwin and I.

the russian bestie's little cousin, Kenneth and I.

Sherrie, Eevon and cousin.

JHao and I ;

kisses for the girls.

Terry, Jeslyn and Sean.

justt fooling around ; got quite tipsy when it was only bout midnight, which is kinda early but we were there since 9pm and the booze never stopped flowing ohmygod.

Kevin and Jeslyn.

Annie and I.

Hahaha look at Calvin's face, lol.