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Marlboro M-Scape VIP Lounge/Experience at Moto GP 2012.

So it was a weekend where I chose to stay home so I could wake up EARLY for this! And it was so worth it! Read on to know why (;
Well, we all gathered at Zouk Club, KL which was the meeting point. I was glad cause I didn't have to drive to either places, Zouk or Sepang International Circuit. Everything was planned out for me that day yayyers. What can possible feel better than just laying back, relax and just go with the flow? Obviously it was all in the hands of the great team behind Marlboro M-Scape!

The girls Povy, Jane and I. Enjoying our McD's breakfast while waiting for the busses to arrive.

Hashbrown and tea in the morning for us both!
Finally boarded the bus, we took the last bus and it wasn't pack so we got to chat the whole to Sepang though I fell asleep half way, hahah it was too early for me but like I said, since no driving on my behalf was needed, I managed to catch some Z's on the way there.

Me prolly thinking 'Why this girl always giggling away ah?…

I hear the birds on the summer breeze ♡

I just had to share this recent track by my goddess, Lana Del Rey. Titled Ride, the new single from 'Born To Die - The Paradise Edition'. 
Everyone has their own opinions good or bad but so far friends I know only sees her from the bad point of view *hmpfft*,  maybe its from the way she looks, the plastic surgery rumors, that she sounds weird live and so on, I dont know, it doesnt change my thoughts of her. I am just so in love with her, I am weirdly intrigued with everything about her. From her live sets because they're not all bad, really. Her smaller sets with only her fans are the best, she prolly gets stage fright or something hence the bigger concerts and shows you can feel/hear the shakiness in her voice, and I love every song from her there is to date. From Born to Die to Blue Jeans, Summertime Sadness, and so on, every deep dark meaning of it and everything else on the surface. I JUST LOVE IT.
Here's her new single Ride.

The poem or whatever she was reciting/…

Arthur's Day 2012 at Beerfactory, Sunway Giza.

So a few weeks back I attended Arthurs Day held at The Beer Factory, Sunway Giza. It was a last minute plan but lucky me, as it was a fun fun fun night!

I was shown to the VIP section *yay, me* and I was a happy kid inside as I get to sit down, drink a few pints of Guinness and catch up with friends. Beer Factory is definitely the best place to enjoy a drink or two (or more, haha) and also be seated comfortably chatting away with friends.
With the buddies and partner in crime for the night!

From the top left : SueLyn, Joanne, Jackie. Bottom : Chunlam, myself and Erin.

Me enjoying my fresh pint of Guinness!

Showing our love for Beer Factory!
And in conjunction with the festivities of Arthurs Day 2012 ; everyone gets to pour their own perfect pint of Guinness with the help of their friendly staffs/bartenders.

Shocked to see my highschool bud Sheng Eu (left) being hard at work!  Haha.
We left the VIP section to join the crowd, as Justin Lo, a singer from abroad was here to entertain us …

Ever wanted to be a DJ?

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 This could be you!

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Miss World Malaysia 2012 : Visit to sponsors ♥

I really got no idea how to properly start this Miss World Malaysia post, so... I decided to start with our visit to the sponsors!
I guess most of you know about the starting and also maybe the end result but nothing about the ongoing process right? Haha. So here goes. 
We have a few sponsors, our major sponsor will be K-Link Corporation. They are major producers of skincare, health supplements and even a body-line/range of inner wear for women.

This was taken the day we had a brief introduction about the products sold at K-Link. The usage, the benefits and everything. You can see that all the girls were paying so much attention, myself included.
We even made a trip to the KL Bird Park that day itself.

Where we took a stroll around the bird park, fed parakeets and also got to see different species of birds. Oh we got to touch, hold and feel chicks and baby ducks too!
Not only that we planted a plant and I will go back soon to check up on the process of it, just for memory sake! haha.