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I'm so starstruck!

I've been really busy so sorry.

Last Friday night was Afdzals 19th Birthday Celebration at Perdana View Condo.
Thats where I injured my finger, tummy and what not.

Then on Monday, I met up with Justyne and Jade yesterday at MV.
Catching up time (:

More pictures coming up.

On another note, did anyone hear about the rave going on at Bukit Tinggi, Berjaya Hills? Knight Castle '09.
Mark your calendars cause its happening on the 25th of April! From 6pm till dawn (: DJ List : Sander Van Doorn Van Eyden Scott Alert Nikki Shary
I'm going; I guess or hope(?)!
Heh. Anyway for more info clickedy click click on the banner on the right for more info.
& I'm so happy that finally someone decided to have a rave up there. Cold winds, dark starry night, couldnt get better right? Me and Marshy at Gentings Rave last year. Ooh and not to mention the architecture there is lovely. Reminds me of Maison. Country styled theme?

And talking about Maison, it is one of the main sponsors of the event. Oh how'…

Fill In Title.

Yeah i'm pulling a XiaXue. I have no ideas or creativity left in my hollow brain right now. Ooh I found something funny today. I was trying to log onto Jac's blog and it turned into some Mega Bible Study shit. I was like wth? And kept retyping the whole damn URL again and again till I realized. from the normal; Which features my usualy blog. to this; Damn weird weih! Yikes! Hahahah :DD

Shoe-Craze day @ Pavilion.

Full update at last!*sigh of relief*My outing with moi best butties at Pavilion last weekend (:From a simple, last minute planned outing turned into a shopping crazy, over budget spending, undecided stops and food hunting session!We took the elevator like a few hundred times, and could never decide on a floor to stop.We spent at least 5 mins to make a decision -.-

The reason was that because, we had to go on a food hunt.Couldnt decide on a place to eat because Miss Low doesnt want anything that has cheese in or even on top of it. Gah! We went from Michealangelo's to Crystal Jade and kept walking till we reached the 6th floor, just to find a place ot dine!Finally, Miss Wandarrr agreed on Dome.Fyi, it was my first suggestion after Crystal Jade.We had to walk this big circle just to go back where we started -.- doh!After sitting for like 10mins scanning the menu at Dome, we did the most embarrasing thing ever.We counted to three; One, Two, Three..We stood up together and ran walked g…

Late nights up.

Awake and busy doing assignments. kill me.
I got tons of things on my mind for these few weeks, I realized at times its hard to talk to someone about problems. I'll figure it out myself, somehow.

In class today we had a sorta interesting talk about religion and stuff.
Random guy A was talking shit about Baha'i (A monotheistic religion founded by Bahá'u'lláh in nineteenth-century Persia, emphasizing the spiritual unity of all humankind) and it turned out to be our lecturers religion. Talk about awkward!

So yea anyway, then the whole debate of religion(s) came up.

Thinking about it;
My family has a long line of buddhist and catholics. Therefore, I decided I shall be undecided till I decide on a religion. So for now, I guess you can say that I'm a free thinker.

But you know what pisses me off?
When someone thinks that their religion is better than others. I don't get it. How can this be better than that when logically speaking nothing has been proven yet? Basically everythi…

Ay Chico!

Some time ago.. My forehead is damn kao big -.-

We dropped by Zouk for 4Play; DJ Goldfish featuring Point Blanc as the emcee. Oh how I've miss those good old Maison days with DJ Goldfish, he is by far the best R&B DJ in Kuala Lumpur. Till then! Oh btw, my.. credit.. card.. over.. limit..can die.. Damn sad.. I know your laughing now SeeWai; I hate you! Damn those shoes! I'm banned for a month. Gah!

Lady GaGa

I dont think this lady needs an introduction as you all should know by now the basic stats of the singer that brought you 'Just Dance' and 'Poker Face' So let me ask you; Have you ever wonder why at the start of some tracks she goes..
"Cherry Cherry Boom Boom" ? It is the pseudonym used by music producer Martin Kierszenbaum. And miss GaGa is under Cherry Tree records. So do you get it now? Haha I thought it was some catchy line at first, so I did some research and voila! Not only is GaGa talented, but she is also very very stylish!
She looks like the modern pin up girl to me.

Her body lagi hot! Omg, me and mum couldnt stop drooling over her thighs and legs. Toned and sexy, yums! Haha anyway to show love for GaGa, my playlist is playing two of her new songs. 1. Starstruck ft Flo-Rida 2. Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) Enjoy! :D

Coco Banana

College week started.
Am in college right now, so i'll give you a sneak peek of whats been happening (:
I look damn chou tut weih.From a simple night of chilling with buddies turned into a wild and crazy night at Coco, well not really for me but i'll explain that later!

And I sorta curi'ed this pic from the other Steph's bloggie!
Hehe thanks hun (:

Till then <3>

BBQ Dinner.

Nicks Condo; Celebrating his 21st Birthday.

About 20 friends were present.
Had seafood, steak and etc.

Shisha'ed and talk talk talked.Me without makeup, Carls, Marshy and Nigel.


Stephanies' promise (In Black & White) : "I Stephanie Lim shall start studying hard from next week onwards till my finals"... Ooh wait! "But maybe a break one week once (:"
Okay thats random hehe. But a promise to myself lah, I do not wanna fail my accounts. Yikes! So I need all of my blogders support yea?

Anyway yesterday was fun, had a get-together-session of drinking, twister, silly card games with a few classmates of mine and other friends too.
Haha I shall post some pictures soon. I just realized that my group of college mates are all from diff ethnics and races (: From Africans to Khazakstans! Happening woi!

Something almost similar to this, lol.
Anyhoo im gonna go out again! Fuck, two days straight of drinking gah.
Then back to books!


I'm supposed to be asleep now, gotta wake up early tomorrow to get my passport done. Its so convenient when the immigration center is above your college, ooh btw I can even get my IC done too! Its side by side! Hahah :D Time to change my primary student picture, since I'm able to do so with my hair being black now.

Better get it done before I change colour again.

Today was productive. I met up with a high school classmate Wei Lynn at SeriPetaling during my college break, and then Stefanie and Sherrie at Sunway after college!

Ooh how I missed them.

Now I'm waiting for another GG session, heh.

Don't think I'll be free updating this week ):

Cause I gotta study hard next week, sobs* Wish I was this hardworking in highschool. p/s : i'm going online using my phone, therefore I cant reply anyone on my cbox! So sorry ):