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party in the usaaa.

mind the title, i hate that song ; but i'll sing it if you start annoying me harhar.


'baby are you down, down, down, down, downnnn?'
yes baby very very the down hahahahha. my baby is the cutest, righttt?
love you boo! (:

Anya Marina

I've been listening to her for quite some time now, shes pretty talented. Her voice gives me chill (:

Other loves -- All the Same to Me , Satellite Heart.

My 19th Birthday at Zouk ; 4Play -- Pre-party.

My nineteen birthday ; which was in June last year hahaha.
This was like a pre-birthday/party thing held in Zouk. Thanks to those who planned everything for me  (: & to those who made it.

to see the smiles on peoples faces, made my night already.

Mich, Mirabel, StefAw, birthdaygirl, EevonAw, Kim, Feliciaa.

5secs each for all the girls hahaha.

simon, being really gay  ;p

my sexy back, mind the bra strap. lol.

billy, ben, kahwai, simon, botak.

waihan, me, kim, felicia, ben.

simonnnn and me. so unprepared, lol.

me, mike, waihan. i think i look like a hamster/guineapig.

benben and me.

ooh and I won a Lady GaGa CD! hahah, talk about birthday presents hmm.

my boyyys ;p them trying to imitate someonee* lol.

After finals, Poppy Garden.

a while back, more like last year. hahah.
Poppy with the classmates and usuals  (:

Dancingggg. more like sweating  -.-

CristineC & Me.


actually theres more pictures, but its kinda ruined alrdy. so yeaa.


i'm a rockstarrrr ♥

Greeting earthlinggs! hahaha, that never gets old.

here's something to satisfy your viewing pleasure.


for chictopia (:


I think mum is gonna kill me if she sees the title harharhar. sorry lah, my creativity level has dropped to ground zero ; dont expect me to come up with anything special anymoree. 
Yeah so anyways, shopping trip with mummyloves and Erin to kayelle some time ago. I needed to get my prom dress if im not mistaken. lol this is the downside of not blogging properly for a long time.
Walked everywhere around the golden triangle from Pavilion, to Lot 10, until Times Square. hmmm.

mummyloves and me.

me loves ; Golden Half lomo (:
Blazer : Channel Inspired | some online shop. Top : White sleeveless | Forever 21. Skirt : Studded Holes (?) | some online shop. Bag : Faux Python Carrier Bag | Charles & Keith. 

We didnt have dinner at kayelle due to a few reasons ; 1# To avoid the traffic jam after working hours. 2# have no idea what to eat.
& we were all craving for food at The Apartment!
So yea, drove all the way back to The Curve for dinner. (:

My face is just so superduperliciously bloated , omfgwtfbbq.


Chulo & Mist.

Went drinking at Chulo, Jaya One on a perfect breezy nightt (:

Cally, AshleyC, Me.

Jasmine, Cally, AshleyC, Me.

babylv ♥

damn candid chou tut shot! hahaha.

heels galoreee! ooh and my pinkywinkie toenails, loving the nail colour (:

shameen, babylv and friend.

After that, the girls and I continued on at Mist Club Bangsar.

callyyamm and I. sometimes my leg can look really muscular -_-

me, ashleyC & callyyam.


quite an awesome night tho. crowd was awesome, people was great, company was the best (:
was hoping from once place to another ; if I'm not mistaken I was at Sunway Pyramid earlier. hmmm.

p/s : Idk why, but I damn lazy to type and write long long post accompanying my pictures anymore. Hmm but im guessi

random trip across space.

It was ladies night ;  so me and cally had nothing planned, whats better than free booze, music and a place to party/screamoutloud? 
Dropped by SPACE cause Aina was there with her friends and Brian was spinning that night.

Cally , yourstruly and AinatheBomb. Check out her abs weih!


AinatheBomb, Cally, StalloneH, Botak.