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It's official! ♡

First and foremost, is now ! Yes I have finally made the switch after years of being a bum. You see, I didn't know I could maintain Blogger as my host and I was reluctant cause of all the HTML complications I would have to put up with if I had to host my own domain solely. Well this blog has very well deserved it's own domain for years now thanks to you readers! 
So eventhough (I had a voting to see which name fits) .com was the winner I ended up choosing .net cause is easier to remember than, cause people might get confused with the double I's. 
Anyways, coincidence or just plain freaky?

Mom and dad was telling me how they've came up with my name, Stephanie. Mom said that they were watching the Miss USA pageant and Dad liked the girl/name Stephanie who was a finalist in that pageant, so all of did some googling and look what we found, she won the Miss Photogenic title too!

That freaked me…

✈ Langkawi 2013 ♡ ✈

Short getaway to Langkawi with the family, couple weeks back. And I just got back from Koh Samui not too long ago, I was quite tanned but still stoked to get away from Kuala Lumpur. The crazy jam and weather can be really annoying at times.

Early morning flight departing Kuala Lumpur International Airport. This plane of MAS was so comfy! The interior was refurbished, with comfy leather seats.

#OOTD : Drunkfest at Studio Lounge.

So it was a couple of weeks back after I've finished a photoshoot that I headed over to Studio Lounge's event since Nicole was hosting it. 

Loving my gemstone embellished top from Skinny Heels! With Manda at the event.

Howie, me, Darryl and Manda.
Cause of a few dares and pushes we went up on stage to win ourselves some prizes. I had no idea what we're supposed to do though I really hoped it had nothing to do with drinking.

We were listening to the MC explaining to us some basic game rules still not knowing what the game revolved around until.. he said we had to finish a pint of beer each! You can see how 'happy' Manda was lol. I was dreading it as I was full enough from dinner!

Me still being unfazed by it and hoping that I was spectating instead of participating haha. Nevertheless I tried to finish as much as I could but Jessica was way ahead of me, and so was her friend. They both finished it in like less than a minute? It was definitely tough as hell but a fun…

A State Of Trance 600 Kuala Lumpur // 2013.

So, the bunch and I headed off to Sepang where we spent three days at just for the weekends festivities. Couldn't imagine driving back and forth so we managed to snag up a great deal at a resort nearby! We chose the Nilai Golf and Country Club.

Checked in and loved the view from our room, a mini water park for kids and the luscious greeneries around. A definite upgrade from our first choice. 

Some of us took naps while some of us just lazed around chit chatting, got dolled up just before dinner, grabbed a quick bite then it was off to Sepang International Circuit for ASOT 600 KL. 

We got there just in time for W&W, my fav of the whole night. I know it's a trance event, and I am not really into trance hence why I loved them the most haha. I still think they should've done the closing set, though I love Aly & Fila.

Lovely sister and her drink.

Deco at our cabana, keeping it to the mexican feel I guess ... Okay I don't actually feel the mexican vibe lol.

Redbull Challenge x Butter Factory Jess's 21st ♥

So I was at Butterfactory for the Redbull Challenge and more for darling Jessica's 21st Birthday. Everyone was there that night! It was so packed but Butterfactory's ceiling is quite high so it wasn't that stuffy. 

Andrea, yours truly and Nicole.

Stephanie K, Stephanie L and Amanda.

Look who's in KL! DJ Bento! Last time I saw him was when we were clubbing in Osaka last year haha. So he was here to judge the Redbull competition.

David, me, Manda, Jess and Mike.

All the ladies with the birthday girl being photobombarded by the two boys Mike and CS haha.
It was a splendid night indeed!

Till then, x.

Strip: Ministry of Waxing ♡

"Zap it safely smooth, with Strip's top-notch".
Well I am very sure many of you ladies out there have heard about Strip: Ministry of Waxing or at least seen it somewhere. To me, I know them cause of that yummy chocolate wax smell whenever I walk pass their shops at The Curve or Sunway Pyramid. Nevertheless, Strip has been around for a few years now, all started in Singapore and now it has expanded to Malaysia, not only in The Curve or Sunway Pyramid, but also Solaris Dutamas (Publika), Bangsar and also Lot 10! Other than this two countries, Strip boasts 11 years of daily businesses in a total of 35 outlets in 9 countries. They are the number one Global Authority in Hair Removal! 

Howie's Birthday ♡ [pt. I]

So this was last month, I had a very busy month so bear with me :D heehee. Celebrated baby's surprised birthday a few days earlier than his real birthday.
Went for Mambo at Zouk, cause I seriously didn't think it would be fun squishing with tons of other people on a weekend.

Managed to surprise him with a cake and such eventhough he was in my car he did not realize it at all hahaha. Thank god he can be that blur at times.

Happy boy with his birthday cake!

With the girls and boys ; So, it was a quiet intimate evening, where everyone just chilled and sipped champagne, enjoying candid shots of them being taken by me haha.

Well I was just kidding. We're not that old -.- The craziness started soon after with trays of shots and Flaming Lambo's on a row. I was estatic to see how long this birthday boy was gonna last throughout the night. Had to keep checking in whether he's doing fine.

He was confident that he won't end up puking his guts out, and he seemed fine. Sin…