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✈ Singapore July 2013 [pt. II] ✈

Continuation from HERE.
We visited Wild Honey, one of the few recommended places. They serve breakfast meals all day, different styles from around the world.

Sylvia and Suphanee.

Howie and I.

#OOTD : Animal Skater Dress ♡

So it was the chinese Mid-Autumn festival and I was heading out for a friend's open house. Wore this simple yet casual chic dress from Dorothy Perkins!
Ooh and I've gotten myself a new hair colour! I don't really like red but I guess it turned out fine; it was  an accidental ombre though (cause my hair was bleached previously) haha. 

Like I've mentioned, I looooove the cut of this dress. Dorothy Perkins never fail to impress me with the quality AND cutting. They offer sizes from small to even extra large! Plus it was uber comfortable! Especially for Malaysian weather. What more I didn't even have to leave my house to order this dress and it only took about a week plus to arrive. When I received this dress I did not come across anyone wearing the same thing as the stores in KL wasn't even selling it yet hehe.
Best part, you get FREE STANDARD DELIVERY!  When you enter the code DPFREE249* on :D
Do check out their website and get on y…


My birthday post!
Didn't know how to celebrate my birthday this year, and as usual every year before I would be saying that I will not hold a birthday party next year but I still do hah! So it was kind of stressful figuring out where to have my birthday celebration this year as clubs were out of the picture, didn't want to be running in and out, karaoke is kind of tricky as not everyone is going to sing or drink. So I opted for something simpler. 

Checked in to my birthday venue around noon at E&O Residences in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Loved the interior of the place and the surroundings. But the service at the reception and guest manager was shit. I had to wait 30 minutes to check in eventhough I paid days before. The room was ready, it was just that they couldn't get their paper works done in time. Really bad for a well establish company! There was another guest waiting and complaining for hours, and another guessed was told that his reservation was mixed up and h…

#OOTD : Like fairy dust ♡

It was a Sunday afternoon and we got up pretty early ; Sundays are usually lazy day but we made it productive this time.  Headed to Desa Park City, cause sadly this is the only park in my state that actually feels safe and took a stroll, saw plenty of cute dogs all around from Husky's to Doberman'. 

Outfit of the day : Denim top from Pull & Bear Asymmetrical skirt from Supre Yellow studded flats from ALDO Flower headband from Forever 21

We had fun walking around, talking and watching this dude flying this high-tech kite and talking to himself lol.

It was a day well spent and I love it! :)

Did this updo by tucking all the hair into the headband, simple and quick. Especially when you don't have any hairbands lying around. Might do a tutorial, what do you think? :)
Till then!

shake it, break it, make it bounce ♡

Party pictures that comes once in a while ♡ Less captions, more pictures.
Our own after party after MMW.

Aud, Coco, Brenda, Sherine and myself.

Grand opening of Providence, Kuala Lumpur.

Howie, Brandon and Darryl.

Louis and his new friend.

Erin and Stephanie.

Thirst quenchers.

Erin, Brenda and Megan.

baby boy and I ♡
Second round at Velvet.

Brandon dancing along to PSY's song lol.

Howie and KS.

Puiyee, Edric and Howie.

Puiyee & Howie.

Erin & Steph ♡
A Friday night at Velvet with the bunch.

Puiyee, Alvin & Howie.

Howie, yours truly & Esther, with Edric's annoying hand/fingers.

The couple! ♡