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Club Asahi : Miami ♡ 2013

Penang here I come! Just for Club Asahi : Miami ♡ We left Kuala Lumpur early in the morning, got stuck in a bit of a jam along the way but it is all good, as I was super stoked for Club Asahi : Miami ! Especially since I missed out on the previous one Club Asahi : Tokyo. Which gave party-goers a glimpse of Tokyo, Japan’s party central. 
Checked into our hotel overlooking Gurney.

Hard Rock Sofa ♥

So this time round we headed to Zouk for Hard Rock Sofa's debut. Their show got canceled during the SHM gig earlier this year, and people were stoked to have them back now.

The ladies and I.

Baby and I being all silly as usual.

Kent, Alex and Ryan.

Puiyee and I.
Hi meet my alcoholic friend Alvin!

Haha I'm just kidding. I actually had a bottle of Jager there for the longest time, cause we always ended up forgetting about it. So happens the custody ends that night so we had to finish the whole bottle by then. This guys kept downing it just to finish it *poor thing* haha. Learnt my lesson, no more jager bottles, what a killaaa. 

Howie, Alvin and Jet.

Me, Puiyee, Melissa, Nat and photobomber Aiden at the back!

Hard Rock Sofa minus one. The other guy was sick so he couldn't make it.
It was definitely a fun night, it's always a fun night at mainroom.

Denis Chepikov from Hard Rock Sofa and us.
Till then! x

[ADV] Official Launch of the Nomad Service Offices at Mont Kiara.

Concept office is taking over the working environment! Especially for small and micro businesses. Even businesses that are taking off. As a new company, setting up your own office will cost you a bomb, as you will have to rent or purchase your own space, furnish it, renovate it; the list just goes on. 

Hiring a cleaner would also cause you a headache, not forgetting setting up a telephone line, internet and so on. Or perhaps you are tired of working or conducting your meetings in cafes which doesn't really exude that level of professionalism you prefer?That is why there's service offices to provide you with what you might just need. I myself think it's a great idea! 

✈ Melbourne 2012 : Roadtrippin' [pt. II] ✈

Continuation from my posts couple of days back. After the Koala Sanctuary we headed for some wine tasting. Something I was looking forward to. Not because I am a wine connoisseur or such but because of all the wine I can drink or more likely, finish up haha.

The overly excited boyfriend.
Set in a cute little cottage we were invited inside to sit and enjoy glasses of wine accompanied with fresh fruits,  bread, cheese and crackers.

I had fun and was really delighted tasting savouring everything. One of the few glasses of wine we tried that day. The boyfriend doesn't enjoys wine so I get to have all his share! Double yay.

After that we chilled for a while at the yard before we headed off to the next destination.

He was trying to chew off my face, lol.
The sun was setting by then. Our next stop was a scenic tour of the island.

We came to this place where you get to see the cliffs, shores and mini island of the island hahaha.

Not as breathtaking as the 12 Apostles but still a sight to…

Carlsberg Farewell & Welcome Party at Luna Bar.

Last Saturday night, I made my first stop at Luna Bar as Carlsberg was throwing a farewell for Mr. Soren Ravn and in the same time welcoming the new Managing Director, who is taking over Soren's place, Mr. Henrik.

The night started off with a speech given by Mr Soren Ravn, of Carlsberg's aim and directions. And how 

We bid goodbye to Carlsberg Managing Director Mr. Soren Ravn who will be leaving Malaysia as he has been promoted to the position of CEO, Carlsberg Greater China. We also would like to take this oppotunity to welcome Henrik, who will be taking over as the new Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia!

Special cocktails were made that night! It was definitely something different, as we don't usually use beers in/for cocktails.

Part of the night's entertainment was a performance by our very own Sarah. Serenading us throughout parts of the night. Gorgeous view, pretty lady, what a nice setting!

Welcome Henrik to Malaysia! Group picture with Tim, Yvonne, myself, Hen…

✈ Melbourne 2012 : Roadtrippin' [pt. I] ✈

I've been skipping out so much on my Melbourne posts! What to do, too many pictures /: And I should've titled them by events instead of parts. So here goes the day we tried being all touristy and joined the daily tours to Philip Island.

Since our sleeping time was really messed up when I was in Melbourne, we had very little sleep the night before hence our swelled up eyes. Looking at the pictures now, I can't believe how puffy my face was.

Markus Schulz, Jochen Miller at KL Live // Swanky Tunes at Zouk Club.

Markus Schulz at KL Live last month. We were there just in time for Jochen Miller's set. I've never heard Jochen's live sets ever but I have to say, he's really good!

The place was packed to the brim when we got there. Oh wells, we were late so I guess everyone else was there way much earlier.

Howie, me, Darryl and Matt.

Aiden and I.

Then it was Markus Schulz time! We were coming up with names the whole day like "Hey we can't wait to Schulzing tonight", I know right -- pretty lame lol.

This was when the crowd went CRAZYYYY!

Narisha and I.

Well we left 30 minutes earlier before the thing ended cause we were rushing to Zouk for Swanky Tunes. Crazy right, haha! Luckily they didn't end at 3am, or else that would be pretty sad as we skipped out on Markus's last set.

Puiyee and I.

Swanky Tunes!
Surprisingly the whole usual bunch was there. It was one hell of a night, laughing, dancing, singing, jumping, pretty tiring night too.

Vicharn and I.