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fashion quickie! ♡ COCKTAIL EVENING.

Hey there lovelies! Have you been doing some online shopping lately? Scouting for that perfect dress for your dinner date, company function, or a wedding dinner to attend? Well let me share with you this wonderful shop that can suit all your dresses needs!

I've got this dress which you've probably seen on my Instagram, from my fav shop! I really cannot stop raving about this dress. When I received it I was impressed with the quality, details, stitching and of course, the fit was perfect. It is so hard to buy dresses off the racks that would fit so wonderfully.
~ Cocktail Evening ~
I love, love, love their dresses!
So anyways here are my favourite picks from Cocktail Evening for this month.  Let's start off with the basics.

Bustier Waist Cut Out Dress in Blue. - I love how this dress enhances your body figure with its side cut outs, tight skirt that flares at the bottom. The color is great too! A definite pop of color everyone needs once in a while. Can be worn for a lovely …

✈ Phuket ♡ 2013 (pt. V) ✈

If you're planning to book a nights stay check out the prices on & HERE
Last day in Phuket and I get to wake up to this magnificently stunning view! This is what you get when you stay in Aleenta Phang Nga, Phuket. 

I really don't know what else can beat waking up to this. The sun, beach, ocean, right infront of me. It's like waking up in a dream, if that even made sense.

Absolut Unique | One of A Kind, Millions of Expressions.

Thanks to the people at Absolut, I received this one of a kind bottle in a frame! Adding it to my Absolut collection (:

Everything we do, achieve and purchase is an expression of oneself. Hence the ultimate goal is to come up with something to their target audience’s image. Subconsciously consumers will view the product as an extension of themselves, as a way to express themselves, show their status, make a statement or conform to a group.

Absolut a new product range that allows each of their consumers the ability to express themselves uniquely!
 Absolut will be distributing 4 million bottles into retail, each featuring a unique design. In order to make this happen, the brand had to do a complete re-engineering of the company’s production plant in Sweden to ensure that no two bottles are designed alike. This incorporated combining 38 bright colors and 51 abstract patterns. Absolut estimates that, theoretically, “94 quintillion uniquely designed bottles could be produced before two identi…

#DIY : Flower Garland V2 ♡

First laid my eyes on a flower crown/flower garland when I saw it in Lana Del Rey's music video. I told myself I need one of that! Sadly the ones I could find in shops like F21 or Diva wasn't impressive at all or really small. So I decided to make one on my own. The first one I did was a headband version, as I thought it would be easier to wear and bring around, I wasn't too happy with the first one as the thing doesnt go around my head fully and it sticks out really high when I wear it. So here goes my second attempt! 

I'm making a full crown of flowers. So I need double the amount of flowers than the first! Thank god the florists was having a discount, so I got these fake flowers for half the price. You don't need super expensive flowers for this but make sure they don't look too fake or cartoonish cause it'll just look weird whole. Lana Del Rey's one is a mixture of dark blue, grey and white roses. But I could only find black daisies (I'm guessi…

Goldsounds DJ Division ♡

I've recently picked up a hobby, as I wasn't doing anything on my free time. Learning something new is definitely an opportunity I would take! So I enrolled myself in the latest intake at Goldsounds DJ Division.

Why DJ-ing? Because I love music. It's not only about the whole scene or entertainment purpose, but I want to learn about beats, mixing and so on. Watching DJ's live on deck and understanding what goes on behind is two different things.

✈ Singapore July 2013 [pt. I] ✈

I ended my July with a bang! Seriously, so much happened I can't even remember some of it. Thanks to technology (something I'm really grateful for having 24/7) I can recall some things through pictures, and there I go shaking my head, thinking what the hell was I doing lol.
Anyways mid July we made a spontaneous trip to Singapore, booked my tickets one or two days before I left. Here we come for the weekends!

#OOTD(N) : Glass Slippers ♥

Headed for a wedding dinner some while back. Dress and shoes by Lush Serendipity

You can get the see through clutch from me for RM100! :D
Anyhoo's more detailing bout the look.

Front panel is fully lace, comes in the color white too. Back is just a normal lycra back. My dress is in baby blush pink. Loving my heels cause the whole thing is transparent(PVC), giving it the cinderella feel haha.
If you wanna get this look, head on to

Till then!  x

✈ Melbourne 2012 : Chin Chin ✈

Chin Chin in Melbourne, Australia is widely known among locals and even tourists (like me! heh) as it's one of Melbourne's famous restaurants, where people actually wait for their table which can take up to more than an hour. 
We left our numbers there one day, and only got called for our tables like two hours later. Obviously we didn't make it as it was way past dinner time. So on another day, we went about 5pm made a booking/left our numbers there and walked around town for a bit. 
They don't take reservations FYI.

We got a call about an hour later so we headed back to that place. They told us our table would be ready soon, and we can chill at their bar downstairs called the Gogo Bar. Good selling advantage I would say, as we waited 'bout 30-45mins still.

Newly Re-Opened Topshop at Sunway Pyramid.

Went for the newly refurbished/renovated Topshop/Topman at Sunway Pyramid. Got there a little late as I wanted to avoid the crowd and so on.

The newly refurbished Topshop/Topman boosted two levels. One for Topshop and the one below is for Topman. Hence, tons of new clothes, loads of makeup products, shoes and bags! If you're hunting for sizes or always on the look out for new arrivals this is the place to be at.

Outfit of the day : Blazer - Zara Top - Bershka Bottom - H&M Bracelet - Balenciaga Bag - Givenchy Shoes - Tony Bianco Rings & Necklace - Diva
Had some fun with the photobooth and tried on some accessories, the line was too long for the fitting room I guess I have to come back some other time.

Had some fun at the launch, and walked away with a goodie bag containing a portable charger.
I don't know how many of you know but I had some misunderstanding with the Topshop branch in KLCC earlier in July, wasn't a pleasant one as I really dislike bad customer servi…