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Solid Gray ♡

Finally a hardshell backpack that is able to carry my laptop, its charger and all other fragile gadgets I do not wish to throw in a soft bag!
Presenting, Solid Gray.

#OOTD : dark light ♡


✈ Danang, Vietnam 2014 ♡ Part II ✈

Second day of our trip in Da Nang and we booked a private car to take us around for some sightseeing.
First stop was Ba Na Hills.
I felt like I was in Genting as it was quite chilly and well, I was surrounded by hills. Get the best hotel deals here :

At the foothill you'll be greeted by a dancing fountain, statues and typical touristy stuffs.

Outfit of The Day : Marbled Print Dress from Shop At Velvet Biker jacket from H&M Bag from Singapore
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So we took a cable car up to the mountain. Yay! Not.
I hate cable cars and I'm afraid of heights, doesn't help when I found out that it's gonna be a 20 minute ride up.

Nevertheless, I had beautiful views of streams and waterfalls to distract me from my fears. What a pretty sight! Da Nang is definitely not just beach and seafood but there's really other things to see and do as well.

Ba Na Hills i…

#OOTD : Tulle Skirts ♡ BonBon Boutique

Any day is a good day for tulle skirts.
We've adored them since we were little and we still have a soft spot for them eventhough we're much older. I use to spot them on ballerinas and always had this urged of buying them from dance shops just so I could wear them even though I've never taken up ballet. As years passed by I had my fair share of donning them but never seemed to find one just as poofy or at the length I wanted it to be.

Happiness is zen ♡

It's what most of us strive to find and keep, even when the definition of it is as vague as ever. Nobody is 24/7 happy and jolly all the time, but of course, some people are really lucky to be more fulfilled than others. 
I've decided to write something on this topic as I myself had a hard time understanding this. I did not appreciate contentment just as much as I thought I did and I've always yearned to maintain every bit of happiness that I have. Happiness has little to do with materialistic needs, goods, or wants, or high achievement; it boils down to your outlook on life, the quality of your relationships, and basic amenities like good governance and community resources although the latter might be harder to achieve.
I shall list down a few things that I've found to be very helpful in maintaining the key to being or staying happy. Bear in mind though, what's sunshine without a little rain?
The most simple yet commonly ignored key to happiness is tha…


It's the year of the goat! Every year ladies struggle with finding the right and perfect outfit for Chinese New Year. It's an important date in the Chinese calendar and who wouldn't want to look their best? Check out this brand Blum if you're looking for something modern chic but still keeping the traditional designs. 

✈ New Years Eve 2014/15 ♡ Penang ✈

Since December went by like a whiz, I didn't stop traveling even until New Years Eve. But this time we did a road trip to Penang. No more flying for a bit!
We left a little after dinner and headed up north. Reached there just in time for some yummy supper awaiting us and cold beers. Had a wonderful night sleep before a full day of food hunting!

We went back to Ah Leng's Char Kuey Teow as we really liked this since the last time we were there compared to the rest. After this we had some Assam Laksa. 
We then decided to check out Gurney Paragon, the newest mall in Penang. Also cause the weather was so humidly hot we needed some AC.

#OOTD : Kid Dangerous ♡


✈ Danang, Vietnam 2014 ♡ ✈

Visited Da Nang, Vietnam early December. Right after I got back from Stereosonic, Australia.
My head was buzzing from all the traveling before then (3 countries in 4 weeks isn't as fun as it seems) and my body clock was super messed up. Having to adjust to 3 hours ahead of Malaysia's time then to an hour back was just crazy. 
Anyways took a morning flight out and got there just in time for lunch.

It was a gloomy day, wasn't too happy with that cause I was told that it was a 'beach vacation' and I was looking forward to sunny skies and suntanning. 

First thing I noticed was this huge metal dragon deco on a bridge that connects the city to the other side towards the beach. Book the best deals by clicking on the banner below :
We then checked into our hotel, called Brilliant Hotel. What a brilliant name right? (pun intended).

It was really spacious and the service was top notch. Did a quick review search on Trip Advisor and Agoda only to find out it's one of th…

The coolest of cools ♡ Cool Enough Studio

Too cool for school? Love all things quirky and fun?
Then you should definitely check this webstore out!

With one of a kind special designs, Cool Enough Studio recreates ordinary yet meaningful objects that we use in our day to day lives, giving it the key to minimalism and uniqueness. They seek to integrate and express emotional attachment into the products 

Not only it's unique and different from the usual mirrors out there but it fits into my handbag and clutches (especially!) really well.

I could easily bring it around whenever I need a mirror for my touch ups. Its slender body emphasises the area I'm touching up, for example eyeshadows and lipstick!
Check out Cool Enough Studio for fun stuff!  For more info :

Top from Hungover Sundays Skirt from Bangkok Shoes from Bangkok Bag by Givenchy

#OOTD : Monochrome x Kivee


Always into laid back comfy sleek styles.  Capturing vintage and modern look by seasons, Kivee's approach to style has captured imaginations of fashion shoppers like myself and industry insiders alike.
Dress head to toe in Kivee's apparels; perfect for a long weekend when I wanted to look chic but still having comfort in mind.