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✈ Singapore July 2013 [pt. III] ✈

Hey guys!  Continuation of my Singapore trip which I totally forgotten about, I am so sorry for skipping out on this as I thought I finished up with this trip after posting the other two posts about Singapore. I got totally confused with things :(

Sony Alpha 5000 // pictures + review ♡

As you know, I recently attended the Sony Alpha 5000 Bloggers Gathering at Carcosa Seri Negara HERE and I got to bring back the camera to try and use in my daily routine.
The Sony Alpha 5000 is pretty light and convenient to carry around, provides me with DSLR quality pics, and best of all I don’t need to bring a large camera bag to keep it in. I brought it out with me to a couple of events and it even fits in my medium sized handbags.

A rather candid shot of me at the M.Scape Ferrari lounge at the 2014 Malaysian Formula One Grand Prix taken on Intelligent Auto mode the scene’s characteristics and changes mode to best suit it.

Heineken Thirst 2013 ♡

I know this is a really delayed post but hey at least I'm still posting it up! Things are hectic nowadays and I barely have the time do update any of my social media except Twitter, wait scratch that. I don't even read my Twitter until the evening. 
Anyways Heineken Thirst 2013 was awesome, I hope they'll get to have it again this year but raves are so risky nowadays the chances might be slim.

✈ Cebu ♡ [pt. II] ✈

Continuation from where I left off HERE.
So we moved from the city to Mactan for a beach retreat. Somehow I guess our timing to Cebu was pretty off as it was mostly raining the whole trip. Such a bummer as I was looking forward to a sunny vacation.

Nevertheless, when we got to Crimson Resort and Spa it was gorgeous! Now imagine if it was a sunny day (   ˘ω˘ )

While checking in we camwhored and strolled around the foyer of the lobby. The place was huge, filled with loads of activities and chalets, spas and what not.
We sat down for a bit as a big group of people were checking in, they were there for some team building company trip.

Played a traditional game of congkak with Erin, while the lovely staffs of Crimson brought us some fruit tea.
It wasn't long till we received our keys from the receptionist and was ushered to our beautiful villa.

If it really really really wasn't for the bad weather, the trip to Mactan would've been perfect! Anyways the room was lovely, cosy and…

Sony Alpha 5000 launch at Carcosa Seri Negara ♡

Sony Malaysia threw a wonderful tea party for the launch of their new SonyAlpha 5000 at Carcosa Seri Negara. It was a beautiful day for something like this :)   

I was super delighted to be greeted with a new camera that I am stoked to test out, along with delicious cupcakes, scones and high-tea!

Monopod & Shutter ; #SELFIE craze

So last week, I purchased a monopod and hand held shutter (not in picture) for my iPhone 5 ! yay, two new toys. I can be such a gadget geek (ू。∵。)
There's two parts to the monopod, the stick and the holder. You can screw on your camera to the stick alone or you can go on and attach the holder to hold your phone. So yes, it works on phones and cameras.
Anyways, I didn't expect to have so much fun with these two items. Unboxed it the minute I sat down at the bar, and started experimenting.
Watch the video below and see what I think about it :

So what do you guys think? These are the pictures I shot with my iPhone on the monopod, using the shutter to snap my pictures.

Okay, I was crashing Erin's room as my room can be a tad bit gloomy. I needed proper lighting to do the video haha. I love how with the shutter only, I can take pictures without stressing on how to position my hands to hold and snap pictures. And it only gets better with a monopod as I would be able to take sel…

✈ Hua Hin & Bangkok ♡ 2014 [pt. II] ✈

Second part of my Hua Hin/Bangkok trip.
So the next day was an early start as we wanted to make full use of our time at Hua Hin.

As we didn't stay near to the city area we hired a cab to transport our luggage to a nearby hotel. Which was just opposite the mall.

Settled our bags and checked in before heading for lunch just opposite. It was a beautiful bright sunny day!

Yeap, we were there for Chinese New Year as the passing of my late beloved grandmother we weren't allowed to celebrate Chinese New Year this year. 
We miss her dearly, and we thought about times we would drive down to Johor Bahru for the festivities and everyone would fly back from around the world to celebrate this auspicious event. I miss her smile and her kind heart ; I will remember her beautiful laugh always.
Back to Hua Hin, after a simple lunch of Pad Thai which was just alright we went to Swensen's for ice cream! Who doesn't love ice cream especially in this weather?

Ordered the Valentine's d…

Hanare ♡

So the boyf heard about this new Japanese joint at The Intermark, Kuala Lumpur.  Went over one Sunday afternoon for the infamous buffet session. You need to book like two weeks in advance, crazy right? But they apparently made it to a weekend two day thing now to ease the traffic of customers. 

Nice dimly lit place, very zen like.  Comfortable eventhough tables can be quite close to each other.

There's not a very wide choice of food but the quality is there. I'll choose quality over quantity anytime so I was pretty happy with the selection. From fresh sashimi to cold soba, wagyu and tempura, I was impressed. The taste is okay, not the best I've tasted, not the worse too ; it's above average to me.

My happy boy with his food.  It's nice when we both enjoy food. We didn't start off having the same liking towards food but while time passed we shared and tried out stuff that we now both enjoy.

We actually noticed how people stared at us cause we're both probab…