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A summary of what's been going on in my trip down under :p


MAKE UP ♡ A women's secret to looking pretty!

Have you ever wondered about make up? Well I think the person who invented make up is a genius! Make up answers all the worries of all women around the world. Why do I say this? Make Up allows us to create different looks and styles based on our mood, dressing, just about anything! It helps us hide our flaws and bring out that inner confidence :) Though skin care products does wonders like that too but it takes a little more time for the spots to fade or so on but makeup does wonders in just minutes!
Imagine if you have a hot date with the special someone that night, but when you wake up in the morning you suddenly have a break up. Women would freak out especially when you have to deal with this during important occasions. Skin care products can never reduce the pimple instantly and this is where make up comes very handy to us!

The secret trick to cover scars or pimples is by applying a concealer on the affected area. Find a concealer which suits your skin colour from the various make …

#KLFW2014 ♡

Attended the first day of Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week , cause as most of you know I'm in Melbourne right now haha. Kinda bummed as I wanted to check out Fridays show but oh wells.
I had a fun time on the first day of KLFW than I normally would, maybe it's the company :) plus we got good seats which made a whole lot of difference as I could see the cutting, flow, material (insert whatever fashion term you'd please).

The boyfriend and I.
Started off the day with a collection from Joe Chia, Silas Liew and Sleeping Pills from Thailand.

Sleek, simple, designs for men.

Loving all the flowy capes and dresses by Silas Liew. Very light and airy but still edgy. Would love to own the one worn in the second last picture above.

Though I really really love the collection by this Thai designer under the label Sleeping Pills. Love the dresses, geometric patterns, capes and so on!
It was so me! haha. 
Capes were appearing over and over again on the runway for day one of KLFW. Trend?

My outf…

How To Add Facebook Like Box Pop-Up On Your Blogger ♡

Facebook is one of the easiest ways to get traffic to your website or blog. Making full use of your Facebook to drive traffic to your website or blog will be a great tool, plus it's free!

Penang 2014 ♡ [pt. I]

So we took a roadtrip to Penang one fine weekend two weeks back. I always preferred flying if the drive was gonna take more than 3.5 hours but this car ride was fun!
As usual, nobody could get up early so we left Kuala Lumpur at 3pm and got there about 7pm. Had dinner at the infamous Gourney Drive.

I know it's not where all the awesome authentic food is but hey, we had a long ride and this was the best idea since we had to get some groceries too.
After 'checking in' we chilled with some beers and played some games. Suddenly realized that time was passing by quick, we did a quick change and off to the club!
We were at The Press for that nights festivities. Alex Morph was spinning there.

The boys.

The girls.
It was my second time partying in Penang, and it was a better experience clubbing there this time. I mean I didn't feel so awkward like I did last time as people were actually sorta dancing and layaning the music.

Roshan and Howie. Been a long time since I…

#DIY : My Everyday Makeup ♡

Hey guys! This post is specially done for all you lovely supportive readers that's been reading my blog for a while now.
I've always been getting requests of how do I do my make up and etc. Previously I did a how-to for Shu Uemura's range but this time I decided on doing a video as it'll be more understandable (I hope, hehe).

My day time make up is pretty simple and I'm still not use to doing/creating VLOGs yet. Gotta get use to iMovie soon!
Suggestions on what my next video should be or how I can improve are welcome, just drop me a comment below! :)
On the next beauty question, I have Kelly who asked me about my weight and how I maintain it.

Basic facts about myself, I am 166cm and I weigh approximately 42kg-45kg. Yes my weight fluctuates frequently but it's mostly due to my hormones or my stress/activity level.
When I was in college my weight drastically changes over weeks and nowadays it only changes by month.
When I was still in my teens I didn't care …

✈ Dubai ♡ pt. I ✈

Headed to Dubai this time round and we sat on the new MAS Airbus A380! Thankfully for a night flight as I always can sleep peacefully the night before. I have no idea why can't I sleep on planes. Even if I can lay flat. 

X-Men Days of Future Past at Indulge TGV ♡

I hope by now most of you have watched X-Men Days of Future Pasts. I managed to catch the preview screening all thanks to Maybank and mummy for bringing me as her date.

Best part was that we were gonna watch the movie at the new Indulge theatre by TGV. I've seen them renovating it since last year and have always been wondering what's it gonna be.
Finally they've opened the door for the public!

The interior was calming and cosy with purple and blue lights and plush chairs all around for you to lounge and relax before your movie starts.
You can also dine and have a nice meal before you enter the cinema hall. The best part is, the food doesn't even cost that much! Plus, it was rather delicious.

Pumpkin Soup. Better than most restaurants I've tried, it was bland and definitely didn't taste like dahl, where most 'top' restaurants in KL can't achieve god knows why.

We ordered the Grilled Steak which was juicy and tender even though it wasn't top grad…