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#OOTD : Jane Kønig & 18 Inspiration

Out and about at KLCC cause I had things I needed to get. As usual it was another wet and gloomy day hence the dark lips and black clothing to suit my mood. Some gold essentials that made my outfit pop.

Jane Kønig | Jewelry Design ♡

What came in my mailbox this week :

Miss Hana ♡ waterproof eyeliner.

A cute little package found its way to my doorstep couple of weeks ago. Opened it and found 4 beautifully wrapped eyeliners. Ah I'm such a sucker for pink stuff eventhough my first choice for anything is , well anything that comes in black haha.

Miss Hana Water Proof Gel Eyeliner To be honest, I've not heard of this brand before till I mentioned it to Erin and she filled me in with quick details about it. Apparently its been around for a while now and according to Erin, she's heard wonderful things about the brand, especially about their eyeliner pencils. After hearing her thoughts about the eyeliner I was ecstatic to give it a try!

■ Opaque colors -- evenly colored and you'll be able to create natural lines without going over and over again for a deep opaque result. 

■ Gelatinous texture characteristics. Smooth strokes for application as this eyeliner pencil is easy to use, and easy to draw. Perfect for beginners! You can easily achieve a winged eyeliner look or even cat e…

#OOTD : basic staples.


What I believe is that every girl needs some basic colours in their wardrobe. You can't go wrong with the likes of beiges and whites. To make these simple colours pop all you need is a bright bag or chunky accessories. Feeling oh so comfortable dressed in this ensemble for the day. Breathable fabric and soft to the touch from
Loving how plimsolls are in trend now, finally. They're great for a whole day of walking but still keeping my outfit chic. Don't get the usual plimsoll but opt for something in snake skin or leather to give it that extra edge/class. It'll go great with almost anything!

Top and bottom from Bag from Givenchy Ring from House of Harlow bought through
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Have fun s…

Centro W Salon at The Gardens.

I was in a dire need of a hair make over and my hair can be quite tricky to deal with. Because of this, I need people with excellent hair expertise to advice me on the best ways to fix it. As you can see in the picture below, my hair is a mess of colours and it was so frizzy!

The roots of my hair was a mix of purple and black, with grey roots popping out. The middle part is a deep black/purple and the ends were brown. This is what happens when you decide to bleach your hair to a shade of blonde and decided to you wanted to go back to something darker. I couldn't stand it anymore and I needed it back to normal. 

Visited Centro W Salon at the Gardens as I have been hearing a lot about it recently. The first Centro Hair Saloon opened in 2002 at Sungai Wang and is now synonymous in the industry. They have then expanded into 3 separate salons. 

They offer a huge range of hair services from colouring, treatments, your usual hair cuts and so on. As soon as you walk in this plush salon y…

Birthday ♡ 2014

Omg, how can one forget about their own birthday? Well, yep that's me. Guilty as charged!
I totally forgotten about this post and it was hiding in my drafts folder. For those of you who are wondering how I celebrated my birthday, it was pretty simple I would say. Compared to the ones I had before. That's because I wasn't thrilled 'bout not being Forever 21 harhar. 
So surprisingly I had friends calling me and texting me closer to my birthday asking if I was throwing a party this year (I guess parties I organized have been pretty awesome ey, there's always something memorable every year) ; most of them felt odd that I was so quiet this year and I was also quite shocked that many remembered as I think with technology nowadays people refer to Facebook to remember dates. Hell, even my boyfriend and mom felt odd and got worried lol.
So in the end they forced me to call my friends up and I did so super last minute, like a day before? So I might've forgotten some of …

#OOTD : all black & a bun

#fashion edits

Just a casual weekend.
Top from Sportsgirl Skirt from Miss Selfridge Bag from Prada Accessories from H&M, New Look and Louis Vuitton

KINI SWIMWEAR - customize your own swimwear!

So I stumbled on this site a couple weeks back and was intrigued the minuted I started browsing. Kini Swimwear allows you to customize your own swimwear. How cool is that?!
Founders Em and Elle understand the fact that it was tough for us girls to find our perfect bikini as every one has a different body shape, taste, and style. After returning from a shopping trip they had this great idea of creating this whole new platform that would allow customers to design their own swimwear!

when I feel like being normal.. ♡

It was a family weekend and I dragged the boyf with me for that a day trip with the parentals.

one of those days ♡

light dinner at my fave place to dine on a lazy day. spent the day walking around, talking, trying to work on my photography skills. finally got time to be just chilled and relaxed.

Liking my new arm candy from Daniel Wellington watches. 
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#OOTD : two piece midi ♡


Loving this flowy two piece set from Klarra which is cooling and comfortable, paired with sunnies from Rayban which I got from Glasses Online. Perfect for a sunny day out for tea, and fun!
Shop now : Top and Skirt from Rayban from

✈ Dubai ♡ pt. III ✈

Continuation of my posts here and here.
We woke up early in the morning, Dubai time zone (thank god for that) for another day of sight seeing. There's just so much to see at the United Arab Emirates that one should never waste a day sleeping in!

#OOTD : little black dress ♡

#fashion edit 

✈ Melbourne 2014 ♡ food, glorious food! oh and partying ✈

.. continuation from HERE.

Dress from Lovey Dovey Fashion.
So it was one crazy cold windy night in Melbourne. Seriously winter in Melbourne can be a tad bit unbearable, and no I am not kidding. 

The buddies Seewai and Joyee just flew in that particular day and so we brought them to Squires Loft at Docklands for some yummy dinner!

After a good piece of steak and running in the crazy wind we headed home for some pre-drinks (we're actually trying to stay warm hah!) and got changed before a night out.

Well I bet you could see from the change of facial expressions that it was going from sober to slightly tipsy to very tipsy haha.

A very mini highschool reunion was held that night, which was cool cause I hardly see anyone from my highschool except Seewai and occasionally Wendy. So it was nice to have Ri Hao joining us this time round. 

Guys in onesie's, how cute hahaha. With Yew Hann and Yoon Wei.

and look who I met all the way in Melbourne now, Yeehui and Ivy (below).

It was one c…