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DVBBS Live at KL 2015 ♡

So I finally get to watch DVBBS. Had no fate with them during Stereo.
Was so freaking excited, but Howie wasn't and I was like why and he just shrugged. Which was weird as we normally shared the same excitement for things like these. Anyways I finally figured out why after the 'rave' or whatever you call these indoor events, that he actually didn't know who they were and he realised that he knows tons of their songs, and I was like EXACTLY why I was shocked that you weren't excited! Lol.
Anyways, pictures!

✈ Da Nang ♡ Vietnam 2014 [pt. IV] ✈

Early in the morning we got out of our comfy beds at A'La Carte Hotel Danang Vietnam.

#OOTD : Florals and Mesh ♡ GUESS Accessories


Wearing prints can be a tricky one, but if you carry this rule with you, you’ll hardly go wrong! Always keep to one statement piece and then just build your outfit around it. As I had a full day out and about from one meeting to another, I decided to pick a dark form fitting floral pencil skirt. I was also feeling a tad bit adventurous and wanted to stand out at the same time, so I decided to go with a floral chiffon top to pair with.

Tied the whole look together with a floral pump and layered two necklaces, two bracelets, a pair of earrings and a simple ring. What could’ve been a simple look is now amped up with details and flair. I love how the two printed apparels match well so perfectly and I got a few comments of how I managed to pull the look off. I think it was the jewelry that made it a whole outfit!

A simple drop earring in the shape of a heart with a huge jewel in the middle definitely went well with my hair tied up as it drew attention to my neck. While the nec…


Global authority in hair removal, STRIP: Ministry of Waxing has always been at the forefront of the industry with world-class hygiene standards, quality treatments and products, and skilled therapists. As the pioneers of Brazilian waxing, it was a natural progression to work on improving and innovating the brand’s IPL services to offer the best experience possible.
The Powerpac 2.1 IPL is STRIP’s proprietary technology offering advanced semi-permanent hair reduction with extra beautifying options. Aside from providing the most comfortable hair removal experience, STRIP also comes out tops in terms of hygiene, people, pre- and post-care, as well as value. 
I was the lucky few to be the first to try it!

STRIP has always been my first choice for waxing and also IPL, and I've been a regular patron of their establishment for years now. I did a simple underarm treatment a few years back and loved the results, you can read the review HERE.
As a globally established brand with a string of…

Shogun at Zouk Club KL '15 ♡

Time for some colourful visuals to liven up this blog! Party time with the buddies throughout the weekend but I hardly bring my camera out anymore, too lazy, and too many pictures lol.

[ADV] Sunsilk Smooth and Manageable ♡

Attended Sunsilk's event not to long ago at Hammam Spa at Publika and I got to try Sunsilk's latest range of hair care which is Sunsilk Smooth and Manageable range. 

#OOTD : Denim & Leather ♡


City day out! Beautiful day to be outdoor. Paired denim with leather as I doubt I can pull off the whole denim on denim trend, so this will do.
Wearing United Nude Shoes Givenchy Bag Givenchy Cuff Bracelet H&M Rings and Necklace

Wearing Gentle Monster's Absolute 20 1 in black. Big shades any day! Especially during those days where you just don't want to be seen, especially great for traveling when less makeup is a must!

A growing number of style setters has been sporting these chic sunnies. From Jessica Alba to Miranda Kerr and more!
This Korean eyewear brand is working to become the market leader in each aspect of eyewear including Culture, Technology and Trend. Gentle Monster’s Business model is built around the motto of “INNOVATIVE, EXPERIMENT”.
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Moschino TOY ♡

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For the last day on the cruise, we decided to take it slow and chilled. We've been partying for like 3 or 4 nights straight already and we weren't burned out (I don't know how is that even possible when everyone else almost looked like they partied their guts out haha) but we didn't want to overdo it haha.

So we started off with some mini golf, it was a beautiful sunny day. Loving all the sunny days I've been getting on this cruise. The fact that I get to enjoy every single day in the sun is pure bliss, plus we get up early every day for activities! Omg feels so good like I'm in a gadget rehab or something. No technology, no work, no replying emails or calls. Just food, partying, activities and booze.

Then after, we changed into our swimwear and lazed by the pool and even gave the hot tub a try. Even though we spotted couples making out and getting all frisky the night before LOOOOL. Nevertheless chlorine kills germs and the water was hot so... 

Swimwear from …

One Direction "YOU & I" Fragrance ♡

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#OOTD : Of Kisses and Cat Eyes ♡