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✈ Hotel NuVe Urbane Singapore ✈

After a four day three night music festival on a cruise ship which departed from Singapore to Phuket and then back to Singapore, the girlfriend and I decided to spend an additional night in Singapore to satisfy our foodie cravings and check out some new spots.

✈ Melbourne 2016 ✈ - yes I know it's two years ago!

Hello there my fellow readers! This post has been sitting in my junk box for almost two years now. What a shame as I was always filling up this site with posts from my daily adventures, spontaneous travels and such. 
People say or asks me whether anyone still reads blogs and such. I do like to believe so, and well my stats don't lie. But I myself felt disappointed with the lack of impromptu, unscripted, me posts. So I went over to my drafts folder and saw this sitting there. 

After clicking in, I was brought back to my wonderful memory of my fave city Melbourne I almost teared. I guess there were two reasons of why this hasn't been posted since; - I didn't want to accept that I won't be going to Melbourne as frequent as before. - I had so many other post to catch up with.

H&M Studio x Colette (2017) Collection

H&M has teamed up with the iconic Parisian concept store Colette for an exclusive edition of H&M Studio AW17. The nine-piece collection is rooted in the main AW17 designs, and features a special colour palette based on Colette’s signature blue, plus two completely unique designs which includes distinctive details such as hand-painted graffiti and jacquards with frayed edges. The street-meets-sophistication of AW17 was inspired by the creativity and energy of New York City, with strong tailoring combined with feminine silhouettes and punk influences for a hard-edged yet chic look.

Klara Cosmetics ♡

Finally our very own KLARA COSMETICS 1st Flagship store in Malaysia is here! But first, a very quick review of some of the products I've tried.

It wasn't long ago, I was browsing through my social media newsfeed that I came across a launch of a well known Australian cosmetic brand that has finally opened up a store in Malaysia! I became so curious as the makeup looked amazing, so pigmented and beautiful. This Australian owned and designed cosmetic brand, Klara Cosmetics is the first concentrated range of superior quality cosmetics made with 100% colour pigmentation!
Klara Cosmetic is named after its ambitious founder – Klara Sabotkoski.  The innovative makeup line provides every woman with the result that professionals have been striving towards for years. As I did some research I found a bit about their background and how it all started but what was most important was that they DO NOT test on animals. 
With its vision – “Professional Makeup for Life”. What is so amazing is, …


When traveling, I try to pack light. However it can be a tad bit tough or challenging when you love to play dress up! 
A few tips of my own that I would love to share with you guys - always bring an outerwear that has a neutral or light tone or black; simple classic denim jackets or the basic black bomber usually works well for me and also you can never be 100% sure that the weather stays true to what's forecast it's better to be safe than sorry. I would have a couple midi or maxi dresses as you can always dress them up or down, transitioning them from day wear to night wear. Basic clothings as strapless tees to denim shorts and jeans, light sweater and of course a pair of comfy shoes! 

The type of shoes you bring along is really important as they do make or break everything. Not only it should at least match most of your outfit, it is very important that they're comfy. Imagine if you had to drag yourself everywhere looking for a pair of sandals just cause your shoes hurt…

Dior Fall 2017 Collection with Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence, Hollywood actress who is most popularly known as the lead character in “The Hunger Games” movies, stars in “La Fille. Le Sac.” – a film recalling the new wave cinema aesthetic, where she embodies the Dior Fall 2017 collection by Maria Grazia Chiuri, inspired by the allure of bohemian Paris. The Dior Fall 2017 collection by Maria Grazia Chiuri campaign was shot by French photographer Brigitte Lacombe, and captures Jennifer Lawrence just as she is. In a series of black and white photographs the actress and house muse appears both elegant and relaxed, unposed and without artifice. The clothes she wears correspond to her own personal style as a young woman of today: a bar jacket over a statement t-shirt, pumps or j’adior ballet flats worn with jeans – a faultless balancing act of comfort with a touch of sophistication.

A Fierce & Feminine Collection: Zara Larsson x H&M

H&M launched its fashion collaboration with platinum-selling recording artist Zara Larsson, with a capsule collection – inspired by the Swedish pop sensation’s style – featuring strong graphics and edgy streetwear pieces.

Superdry Sport – Women’s Ready to Wear SS17 & Superdry Studio

Superdry Studio SS17 New for SS17, the Superdry Studio yoga capsule collection is designed for ultimate comfort and flexibility in the studio. The technical fabrics of the sports bras and yoga leggings are designed for moisture management and breathability, allowing an asana ready performance. Loose fit yoga tops and cardigans feature soft sweeps of calm colours in wrap and drape detailing for Pranayama perfection. Superdry Studio’s super-relaxed style allows you to center your mind and body around the practice ahead.

Dior Autumn Winter 2017-18 Ready to Wear Fashion Show – Celebrities

[Luxury Fashion]
A Dior fashion show will always attract many international A-list celebrities and personalities, and the Dior Autumn Winter 2017-18 Ready to Wear fashion show held at the Rodin Museum in Paris during the Paris Fashion Week on 3 March 2017 was a glittery star-studded affair.

Dior Autumn Winter 2017-18 Ready to Wear Fashion Show

[Luxury Fashion] The house of Dior unveiled their Ready to Wear Autumn Winter 2017/18 collection in a glitzy fashion show on 3 March 2017 at the Rodin Museum, Paris. “Among all the colours, navy blue is the only one which can ever compete with black, it has all the same qualities,” wrote Christian Dior in The Little Dictionary of Fashion.

Calvin Klein - endless euphoria ♡

Reinvigorating light and radiant, endless euphoria was created as a daytime compliment to Euphoria.  It expresses the provocative fantasy of the signature fragrance into a beautiful warm daydream filled with cherry blossoms for an air of sheer sensuality. 
The new endless euphoria by Calvin Klein maintains the original euphoria bottle design but with a refreshing new lightness, while keeping its original, sensuous curves. This whole design exudes a delicate blush-peach hue and soft pink juice, while the translucent glass bottle takes on a taller, softly-rounded silhouette.  The effect is a sheer and weightless aesthetic with an infinitely polished look, very modern yet simple for the women of this century. More over, the rectangular cap features clean, architectural lines in a new rose gold cast, while a lavender dip tube adds a polished finishing touch. The outer carton is an elegant and fresh interpretation of the classic euphoria box, designed with a gradient from warm peach to li…

H&M Loves Coachella Collection (2017)

This year’s campaign for H&M Loves Coachella will feature an exclusive new video by The Atomics, the alternative pop band of Lucky Blue Smith and his sisters Pyper America, Starlie and Daisy Clementine. In the video, The Atomics cover Let’s Live For Today by The Grass Roots, showing Coachella’s influence beyond the festival.

Kérastase Résistance Thérapiste - for unruly damaged hair!

Sadly, I have severely damaged hair through years of dyeing my hair, torturing it with styling tools, heck, even blow drying it! So a couple years back, I've decided to nourish my hair, back to its old softer, manageable self. It was like a responsibility, like a pet or a particularly needy plant. I will be washing it ever so carefully, conditioning it religiously, coat it in oils and serums and creams, and hope to God that it doesn’t get any worse but the change was too slow. 
Products were approached with caution, with ingredients lists carefully examined, and heat tools avoided like the plague. The struggle, as they say, is all too real. It was inevitable that the amount of damage done was irreversible, till... I found out about Kérastase Résistance Thérapiste!

The Kérastase Résistance Thérapiste comes with four products although, highly ambitious, for sure - its technology is groundbreaking, the science behind it convoluted, the claims lofty as anything. 
The key was that it …

Estee Lauder 🖤

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair
"Now the term 'Beauty Sleep' has a new and significant meaning." - Estée Lauder 1982
With a legacy of firsts, the “little brown bottle” remains one of the best-selling, best-performing products in Estée Lauder history. This little brown bottle was a revolutionary moment in skincare history as skin care became skin repair and its importance of night as the best time to repair was introduced and from then onwards Estée Lauder has continued to revolutionise night repair.

ADV: Diamond Water DIAMOND Coral Filter System

Water is a daily neccesity and it plays a very important role in maintaining and helping our bodies immune system to flush out toxins and also providing it with all the benefits it does. Not only do we need it internally but water plays a major part externally. From our daily showers to brushing our teeth, the quality of water, holds a very crucial role.
Recently, I was introduced to Diamond Water with a DIAMOND Coral filter system installed in my house for me to try. It is a filtration system that could provide a key to a 'healthier' water system into your household or office spaces. DIAMOND CORAL’s unique water system passed nearly 200 safety and performance tests, proven to be able to filter and remove rust, dust, bacteria, chemical components and heavy metals such as aluminum, iron, copper, lead and many others. The purified water met the drinking water safety standards set by World Health Organization (WHO) and reserved beneficial minerals at the same time.

DIAMOND Coral u…

Review: Gogoprint ♡

Easy online printing of your promotional material and business stationery
Nowadays there's tons of individuals and even small businesses that are searching for tools and platforms that allows them to conveniently and easily support their operations. This encompasses printing needs as well of course.
While the printing industry traditionally relies on a quite old-school business model, where you go to a printing shop, send an mail, or get on a call to order your business cards and/or flyers. I can't imagine going through so much hassle anymore especially after discovering Gogoprint!

It seems like this is changing in Southeast Asia, following developments in Europe, North-America, and Australia. Gogoprint, a start-up launched in Thailand in November 2015 and active in Malaysia and Singapore since October 2016 and February 2017 respectively, enables anybody to conveniently order print products in order to support their business. They carry a range of products which includes promoti…